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Jesus, We Trust in You

Divine Mercy Sunday 2023


Brother Daniel's Departure

We regretfully announce that Brother Daniel is leaving MDM, at least for the foreseeable future. We will let him tell it in his own words.

­Dear Friends of MDM,

I’m sorry to say that I will be leaving the Mission of Divine Mercy as a brother and returning to the world. 

The Mission as a whole has been really good to me. Not long after first coming to the Mission, I had a strong conversion. This led me to living out my vocation and being formed at the Mission. The Mission changed my life for the better, despite many struggles and hardships, and I don’t know where I would be without my time here. Yet  it seems I’ve been sensing for a while to leave the Mission and possibly come back one day. 

Father John Mary, through much prayer, discernment, and consultation with MDM’s vocation counsel, recently has come to the same conclusion: that I’m to leave, released from my vows, in good standing with the MDM community, with the option of coming back one day. 

I’ve been having a real hard time spiritually and humanly for a while. And we believe the next step for my growth and to discern God’s will for me is to go back into the world again—for how long remains to be seen. 

I know this decision will be hard for many, yet I do believe it’s the right decision to make.

Know that you all will continue to be in my prayers, and we can continue to be together spiritually.

And sometimes I may come out to visit, as Brandon Hand. 

I want to thank everyone that has been part of my journey at MDM. No matter what happens, I’m sure I’ll look back at some times with a smile on my face, at other times less so. But regardless, I’m grateful to God for bringing the friendship of so many of you into my life during my time here.

A friend I know often times has said: “It’ll buff out,” whether it was welding together a 1-inch gap, or just about anything. He often assured me things would “Buff out.” Even though that’s not totally true in different situations, if we cooperate in God’s will regularly, that holds true. 

So In Short: Even though this next part of my journey will be hard for me and others, “It’ll buff out.”

May God bless and keep you all now, in the future, and forever.

Brother Daniel. (Brandon Hand)



To our Friends,

As you can imagine, Brother Daniel’s departure is a sad time for our Community. We will miss him.  We hope it is temporary and that the Lord will lead him back here at the proper time, but the Lord may have other plans for him. 

Let us pray for him as he begins this new stage.  We have given him financial support to help him get started in his new life, and he has the strong support of his loving family. 

The path of the Lord can be very demanding.  Living with Brother Daniel over these years, we have been edified by his good heart, his simple, profound faith and his generous gift of himself to the Lord through many trials and sacrifices. 

We know this is also a trial for all those who are part of the Mission, and we are united with you in our prayers for the Father’s Holy Will for Brother Daniel/Brandon, this Mission, and for the whole world. 

It is another opportunity for us to renew our trust in Him. 

Jesus, we trust in You.

In His Mercy,
Fr. John Mary Foster



Feast of St. Joseph the Worker

Monday, May 1st

This prayer to St. Joseph is one of Mother Magdalene's favorites.
 She says the the first four lines say it all. These prayer cards will be available, starting today, at St. Joseph's Chapel and at St. Raphael's, our office building.


  Prayer for God's Healing- MAY 11

Due to the Encounter With Jesus retreat,


Our monthly Prayer for God's healing will take place at the Holy Hour on the following Thursday, May 11.


At least it missed the house and the car when it toppled.

Twister Takes Aim at Mission

A tornado is a relatively rare event in the Hill Country but last Thursday night one formed at the south end of Canyon Lake and traveled about three miles, impacting the Mission property. It left a visible path of uprooted trees and torn branches. Of the Mission structures, the Sisters house sustained the worst physical damage with repairs needed to roof, siding and windows.But several snapped and uprooted trees narrowly missed creating much worse damage.

On Monday, Dave had  removed the windows from St. Joseph's Chapel, in preparation for warmer temperatures. Friday morning he found an inch of water on the floor, pews soaked, kneeling pads scattered across the Mission, one fan dangling from its wires, chairs in a mangled heap and port-a-johns overturned. And that was just the Chapel. 

Only two months after the devastation of the freak ice storm, the Mission grounds were again an obstacle course of fallen trees and branches. Our trees have taken a real hit this year. 

Dave had to call in Steve and Raul who had been ordered to take the day off, after spending long days preparing for Holy Week and Divine Mercy Sunday. Some staff and Community members also answered the call to help right the Chapel.

On Saturday, the young men and fathers who make up the Troops of St. George spent the day gathering the fallen limbs.
Thank you, gentlemen.

All in all, damage  could have been much worse, ---but then again, Jesus, no damage would have been better.

St. Joseph Chapel was awash inside and out.



Br. Mikael's talk "My God, My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me?"  Reflections on the interior sufferings of Jesus is now available on line using the link below.


Encounter With Jesus Retreat



(Retreat is full but you can call 830-302-9707 to be put on the waiting list.
There are always last minute cancellations.)

  • Registration will open on our website,  two months prior to each retreat.
  • If a retreat is full, call 830-302-9707 and ask to be put on the waiting list. There are always last minute cancellations.
  • Each person must register individually, not as a group, so that we have contact information.
  • We cannot reserve spaces in advance of the opening date for reservation.
  • Due to limited space, we will give priority to those who have not made an EWJ
  • Prior retreatants wishing to make another retreat should call 830-302-9707 to be placed on the waiting list. 
  • For more information about the EWJ retreat, please go to our webpage:



Confession is heard Saturday mornings by appointment,  and on Sunday mornings from 9:00-9:45 on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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"This is what MDM is called to be: a growing communion of trust in His Mercy
for our needy world." ~ Fr. John Mary

MDM started encouraging people to pray "Jesus, I trust in You"  ten times a day back in 2011. Recently we felt it was important to remind people to turn to Jesus with this simple, powerful prayer in a world that feels more and more out of control. We are suggesting 20 times, but some people find themselves repeating it hundreds of times. It reminds our troubled souls that GOD IS IN CONTROL. 

Many of you have put your name on our growing list and have also left a prayer intention or testimony:


Our Lord Jesus Christ healed me after showing me His Hands... He let me touch His Healed wounds. His Mercy Endures Forever!!! Jesus also said: “Tell them to Pray the Rosary. ” Thank You for your missionary work of Divine Mercy. Many miracles are happening these days. God’s Blessing through the Hands of His Blessed Mother. “JESUS , I TRUST IN YOU. ~ Janice


Jesus I trust in you! ~ Lisa


Jesus I trust in you! ~ Elizabeth

I am an added witness testifying with all praise and honor and name You love so well. Catch me Lord , I'm falling... again.~Daedae


Please pray for my son David and his little family. And For Phylip who suffers from anxiety. He needs you Jesus to give him wisdom to be clean from the evil that haunts him, he needs healing. … Jesus I trust in you. ~ Angie


Thank you! ~Kelly

My husband, Dale and I had a wonderful time visiting your breathtaking place. ~Joy

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Fr. John Mary's Sunday Homily 

Stay With Us, Lord

APRIL 23, 2023

Two disciples are leaving Jerusalem, shaken and downcast over what has just happened to Jesus and the Church. Then they meet a mysterious stranger…



Yes, You Can Help!

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