This Sunday is Palm Sunday.
For those who are able, you are invited to gather before Mass
at the tomb below St. Joseph's Chapel.


As We Approach Palm Sunday and Holy Week
You Comfort Jesus


As we approach Holy Week,  
be mindful that when you participate in Holy Week services,
or when you pray quietly on your own
you are not just remembering  historical events,
but through your prayer that transcends time and space,
you are accompanying Jesus in His suffering
and bringing Him comfort in His agony.
You make Him less alone.



"I saw Jesus riding on a donkey's foal, and the disciples and a great multitude with branches in their hands joyfully accompanying the Lord Jesus. Some strewed them before His feet where He was riding, while others raised their branches in the air, leaping and jumping before the Lord and not knowing what to do for joy. And I saw another crowd which came out to meet Jesus, likewise with joyful faces and with branches in their hands, and they were crying out unceasingly with joy. There were little children there also. But Jesus was very grave, and the Lord gave me to know how much He was suffering at the time. And at that moment, I saw nothing but only Jesus, whose Heart was saturated with ingratitude. (#642)

....Jesus gave me to understand how much He had suffered in that triumphal procession. 'Hosanna' was reverberating in Jesus' heart as an echo of 'Crucify.'Jesus allowed me to feel this in a special way.(#1028)

....I could clearly feel how the hymns of Hosanna reverberated as a painful echo in His Sacred Heart. My soul, too, was inundated by a sea of bitterness, and each Hosanna pierced my own heart to its depths. My whole soul was drawn close to Jesus. I heard Jesus' voice: 'My daughter, your compassion for Me refreshes Me. By meditating on My Passion, your soul acquires a distinct beauty.' "(#1657)

                                                                                                            ~  from St. Faustina's Diary

Mission of Divine Mercy
March 31, 2023




April 1, 9:15 AM

As we prepare for Holy Week

Brother Mikael Will Offer

"My God, My God,
Why Have You Abandoned Me?"

 Reflections on the interior sufferings of Jesus from St. Jeremiah, St. Teresa of Calcutta, Fr. Jean Pierre de Caussade S.J., and others.


[Brother Mikael will offer his Personal Spiritual History and Theological Perspective talk at a later date. ] 




Palm Sunday (April 2) 

                  10:00 am - Mass - Palm Sunday begins at the tomb below St. Joseph Chapel for the

                                        Blessing of the Palms.                                                            

Holy Thursday (April 6)     

7:30 pm - Mass of the Institution of the Eucharist followed by Eucharistic Vigil 

10 pm -Vigil Ends and Mission closes 

Good Friday (April 7) 

9:00 am - Walking Way of the Cross 

11:30 am- 2pm - Confessions (We hope to have 1-2 additional priests. First come, first served.) 

                              Veneration of the Relic of the True Cross at St. Joseph Chapel

2:00 pm -  Service of the Passion Followed by Novena of Divine Mercy 

4:00 pm - Mission closes 

Holy Saturday (April 8) 

9:00 am - Rosary of Our Lady of Sorrows and Divine Mercy Novena 

    9- 11:00 am - Confessions – (We hope to have 1 additional priest. First come, first served.) 

12:00 pm  - Mission  closes to public  

Easter Sunday (April 9) 

6:00 am -  Solemn Easter Vigil 

                             Light breakfast and fellowship after Mass 

10:00am    Mission closes.



There is a tradition in some countries of having a special blessed candle for the home that is lit from the new fire of the Paschal Candle during the Easter Vigil.  This candle is usually decorated with the same symbols as the Paschal Candle, and is lit during family prayers, times of distress, illness, danger or difficulty, etc., as a reminder of the power and victory of Jesus’ Passion, Death and Resurrection.

This year, beginning on Holy Thursday we will have a limited number of these blessed candles available in our Sacramental House. The candles are approximately 12" tall, and are available (one per household) for a suggested donation of $15.

We invite you to bring your own ‘family Paschal candle’ to the Easter Vigil.


Registration Opens for Triduum Retreat

This is a very simple retreat that begins the evening of Holy Thursday and concludes after Mass on Easter Sunday morning.  There are no meals and no talks. 

The retreat consists in each individual living with us the liturgical services of these days, and making use of the Mission grounds for prayer and quiet reflection during special extended hours for

The Mission does not provide overnight accommodations.
All services  during these days are also open to the public.


Celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday
at the Mission of Divine Mercy
April 16th

 10 am Mass
Celebrated at outdoor Sanctuary
on Tepeyac Hill.
 Followed by Divine Mercy Chaplet and
Veneration of Image of Divine Mercy.

People are asked to bring their own chairs or blankets for seating. 

(No confession available that day as we could not find additional priests. Pray for vocations.)


Update on Jared
It has been a while since we have given you an update on Jared. The great news is that he has survived the terrible, near-fatal accident and is improving. The family wants to thank all of you who have supported Jared and them with your prayers and your time.  It has been a long seven months, with much progress and several setbacks along the way.  Last week Jared left the rehabilitation center and returned to his family home, to his great relief. But there is a long road ahead, and probably some surgeries still to come. Please continue to keep Jared and his family in your prayers. Jesus, we trust in You. 


Encounter With Jesus Retreat



(Retreat is full but you can call 830-302-9707 to be put on the waiting list.
There are always last minute cancellations.)

  • Registration will open on our website,  two months prior to each retreat.
  • If a retreat is full, call 830-302-9707 and ask to be put on the waiting list. There are always last minute cancellations.
  • Each person must register individually, not as a group, so that we have contact information.
  • We cannot reserve spaces in advance of the opening date for reservation.
  • Due to limited space, we will give priority to those who have not made an EWJ
  • Prior retreatants wishing to make another retreat should call 830-302-9707 to be placed on the waiting list. 
  • For more information about the EWJ retreat, please go to our webpage:




Confession is heard Saturday mornings by appointment,  and on Sunday mornings from 9:00-9:45 on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Sign up to receive weekly email notifications for Saturday Confession appointment.



"This is what MDM is called to be: a growing communion of trust in His Mercy
for our needy world." ~ Fr. John Mary

MDM started encouraging people to pray "Jesus, I trust in You"  ten times a day back in 2011. Recently we felt it was important to remind people to turn to Jesus with this simple, powerful prayer in a world that feels more and more out of control. We are suggesting 20 times, but some people find themselves repeating it hundreds of times. It reminds our troubled souls that GOD IS IN CONTROL. 

Many of you have put your name on our growing list and have also left a prayer intention or testimony:


Thank you! ~Kelly

My husband, Dale and I had a wonderful time visiting your breathtaking place. ~Joy

Please pray for my father who is 93 years old, for my husband that his faith in God grows stronger every day. For my daughter that she returns to the Catholic faith and for Noel, that God opens his eyes towards him, let everything he does be for the glory of God and help to others. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU. ~Clara

Please pray for me, for my fast recovery ~Amado


For my children that do not practice our Catholic faith, Give them faith and Catholic spouses. For all my friends who are suffering from illness, give them healing. ~Anonymous

The Mission is ours to embrace. ~Steve

Please pray for my children. My son needs God in his life. My daughter has lupus and lymphoma.  For my other daughter's education and a Catholic husband. Please pray for me and my husband, we care for my 93 year old mother.~Elvira


For my son who has lost his faith. May he return to the Catholic Church and may he find a Catholic wife. ~Stephanie

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Fr. John Mary's Sunday Homily 

Extreme Faith

MARCH 26, 2023

“Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Lazarus, Mary Magdalene and Martha are good friends of Jesus. Why does He not seem to respond to them and heal Lazarus?



Yes, You Can Help!

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Back Row, L-R: Br. Mikael, Peter, Fr. John Mary, Raymundo, Br. Daniel.


Thank you for considering a donation in support of the Mission of Divine Mercy.  The Mission has no regular source of income, and we receive no diocesan funding.  Every bit of support comes from people like you; people whom God introduces to the Mission.  We try to steward your money wisely and make each dollar work hard for Him and for His people.

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