....Holy Week, the Triduum. Raul has been manicuring the grounds for a week.  As each person here at the Mission of Divine Mercy goes about their list of tasks that need to be completed for all of the services and activities of Holy Week, we can't help but think of how different it is this year, compared to last year when churches were closed, the Mission gates were closed, and we were experiencing the Time in the Tomb that didn't seem to end.  

So we are very grateful that this year we can open the Mission to welcome old friends and new faces to join us in living these very holy days.  Walking the road to Golgotha with Jesus.  Weeping with His Mother. Recognizing ourselves in the fear and confusion of the Apostles.  Every Holy Week we each experience our own journey to the tomb, and each Easter we rejoice that sin and death have been defeated by Christ's Death and Resurrection. 

If you haven't been back to Mass in person since Covid changed our world, and you are in good health, this week might be a good time to start.  Our Time in the Tomb is over. Your parish welcomes you. The Mission welcomes you. Jesus is waiting for you.




Holy Thursday – April 1

7:30 PM - Mass of the Institution of the Eucharist at  the Teocalli.  At the conclusion of Mass there will be a procession to St. Joseph Chapel where a vigil will be kept until 10:30 PM. Golf carts will be available for those who cannot process on foot.

Good Friday – April 2

8 AM - Mission opens
9 AM – Walking Way of the Cross – Gather at the meadow below St. Michael Hall.
NOON – 6 PM-The Mission grounds will remain open to the public for quiet reflection throughout the afternoon.
NOON – 5 PM – The Relic of the True Cross will be present in the niche behind the altar in  St. Joseph Chapel for private prayer.

6 PM - Divine Mercy Novena at Teocalli
6:30 PM -  Service of the Passion at Teocalli
Mission closes after Service of the Passion

Holy Saturday – April 3

9 AM - Rosary of Our Lady of Sorrows followed by Divine Mercy Novena at St. Joseph
9 AM -11AM Confessions at St. Joseph Chapel  (Open to all.  First come, first serve)
12 PM -  Mission Closes

Easter Sunday - April 4

6:00 AM - Easter Vigil Mass - at Teocalli




The Divine Mercy Novena 
Begins on Good Friday

We will be sending you a daily email with the intention and prayers for that day, given to St. Faustina by Jesus.



Sunday, March 21, 2021

"My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me?"

Jesus is citing Psalm 22 from the Cross.  This Psalm expresses the extreme trial of feeling abandoned by God.  We, too, may experience that sense of abandonment and despair.  But this Psalm, from the agony of abandonment, leads us, with Jesus, to trust and hope.


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