A peace-filled moment captured by
Sr. Amapola.

The Virus is Real,
but Jesus is MORE REAL


Many, many people in our world are living in fear of a virus.
Yes the virus is real, and it is causing real illness, suffering and death.
But fear of the virus is infecting more people than the virus itself, 
and the effects of this fear are devastating.
This fear leads to a lack of TRUST AND HOPE in God,
which leads to despair,
sometimes crushing despair, caused by:
fear of the virus itself;
fear of its consequences;
fear of the isolation it has caused;
fear of all the economic and social problems it has brought.

Fear and despair are ultimately an attack on our FAITH IN GOD.

Yes the virus is real.
But JESUS is more REAL, more POWERFUL, and FULL OF LOVE  and MERCY.
Jesus told us many times, "Be not afraid."

Our Faith is in the One
before Whom every knee in Heaven and on earth must bend.
Let us turn with confidence to the LORD OF ALL,
Whose ultimate promise is not to save us from physical death
---life on earth is not permanent; it is brief and full of struggle---
but from spiritual death.  
If we are but faithful to Him, 
Jesus promises us an eternal life of happiness with Him in Heaven.


We should use the various appropriate means at our disposal to fight the virus.
This includes using spiritual means to fight it,
and to fight the effects of the fear that grips us.

Begin by turning to JESUS.
Ask for His help in trusting in His Love.

Ask Him to banish any irrational fear that can lead to despair. 
If you aren't doing so already, try repeating ten times each day:
"Jesus, I trust in You. Help me to not give into fear."

(Next week we will talk about other spiritual means by which we can combat fear and despair.)


Knights Bearing Good Gifts

For many years  the local Knights of Columbus Council at Sts. Peter & Paul Parish has worked with other area Councils to organize an annual Knights with the Seminarians Dinner in support of  San Antonio area seminaries and priest formation programs.  In recent years they have generously included the Mission of Divine Mercy as one of the recipients of the funds raised. This year, with Covid throwing its shadow over so many events, they knew they couldn't hold the dinner but they wondered if they could still raise funds.  So they reached out to their own K of C members, to other area Councils, and to the three New Braunfels parishes---and they were overwhelmed by the generosity of the response,  receiving over $24,000. This past week three Knights from Local 4183, Don Volz, Grand Knight Mike Molidor, and Kevin Stancik, presented MDM with a check for $4000; and each of the Brothers with a $25 gift card.  We are very grateful to the Knights and to those who contributed so generously to their fund drive.




Holy Thursday – April 1

6:30 PM – Retreat Registration on Tepeyac Hill

7:30 PM - Mass of the Institution of the Eucharist at  the Teocalli.  At the conclusion of Mass there will be a procession to St. Joseph Chapel where a vigil will be kept until 10:30 PM. Golf carts will be available for those who cannot process on foot.

Good Friday – April 2

8 AM - Mission opens
9 AM – Walking Way of the Cross – Gather at the meadow below St. Michael Hall
12 NOON – Confession for Retreatants Only
NOON – 5 PM – The Relic of the True Cross will be present in the niche behind the altar in  St. Joseph Chapel for private prayer.
NOON – 6 PM-The Mission grounds will remain open to the public for quiet reflection throughout the afternoon.
6 PM - Divine Mercy Novena at Teocalli
6:30 PM -  Service of the Passion at Teocalli
Mission closes after Service of the Passion

Holy Saturday – April 3

9 AM - Rosary of Our Lady of Sorrows followed by Divine Mercy Novena at St. Joseph
9 AM -11AM Confessions at St. Joseph Chapel  (Open to all.  First come- first serve)
12 PM -  Mission Closes

Easter Sunday - April 4

6:00 AM - Easter Vigil Mass - at Teocalli





Sunday, March 7, 2021


Jesus, with righteous anger, cleanses the Temple, protesting the corruption of the Sacred Institutions of His people.  We are facing much corruption today, including in the Church.  What lessons can we learn from Jesus about how to fight this effectively?


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