Satan Hates God's Mercy

 Divine Mercy Snatches Souls from the Enemy


The glory of the Divine Mercy is resounding, even now,
in spite of the efforts of its enemies and of Satan himself, 
who has a great hatred for God's mercy.
This work will snatch a great number of souls from him,
and that is why the spirit of darkness sometimes tempts good people violently,
so that they may hinder the work.
But I have clearly seen that the Will of God is already being carried out,
and that it will be accomplished to the very last detail.
The enemy's greatest efforts will not thwart the smallest detail
of what the Lord has decreed. 
Not matter if there are times when the work seems to be completely destroyed;
it is then that the work is being all the more consolidated.



Divine Mercy In My Soul
The Diary of St. Faustina


In This Year of St. Joseph

Request St. Joseph's
Special Protection

Saint Joseph urged me to have a constant devotion to him. He himself told me to recite three prayers [the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be] and the Memorare once every day. He looked at me with great kindness and gave me to know how much he is supporting this work [of mercy]. He has promised me this special help and protection. I recite the requested prayers every day and feel his special protection. (1203) The Diary of St. Faustina


The Passing of a Mission Landmark

Another casualty of the recent snow-maggedon was the tent next to the camp house. It collapsed under the weight of the snow and couldn't be resuscitated.  It was so worn out that when Dave Sommers  and crew tried to cut it up to use as tarps, it just disintegrated in their hands.
People who have only known the Mission more recently won't realize what an important role the tent played here for many years.  It was our only dining space and was THE gathering place after Mass.  People would walk down to the tent  from St. Joseph Chapel---while Maria Felicitas and crew produced  coffee and donuts from the camp house kitchen, or sometimes something more substantial--- and hang out.  On a mild day in the Hill Country it seemed idyllic, but on especially hot or chilly days, well, not so much. But it was all we had.
Then in 2015 we dedicated the O'Callaghan Divine Mercy Center which replaced the tent as our gathering spot, and allowed us to hold our Encounter With Jesus retreats. Until Covid.
Our dear Mission tent.  RIP.  Forever in our hearts.

The tent in its younger days, standing proud and tall.

The big ( for Texas) snowfall was too much for our tent.

Is the camp house next?



Sunday, February 28, 2021


We all want to have a fruitful life, and God has created each of us to bear abundant fruit.  How can we cooperate with Him to ensure we bear the fruit God has planned?  The example of Abraham teaches us key points.


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