The Mission continues to experience the freezing temperatures and freezing water pipes that are afflicting all of Texas. We hope to open for 8:00 AM Mass on Saturday morning (which is only for Amici Christi), but please check our website before coming to make sure that a public Mass is still scheduled for Sunday.



For those of you in the more northern states who receive our emails, you might look at this picture and scoff at Texans who buckle under a few inches of snow.  But it isn't the snow that has us in its grip, but five days of below freezing temperatures.  The pipes down here are just not buried deep enough for these temperatures over an extended period.  So despite our advance preparations, all of our buildings and houses are without water at the moment.  However, thanks to Dave's foresight and ingenuity, we can fill water jugs at the well. So we are surviving just fine.  But please join us in praying  for all of those who are in worse and more dangerous conditions.


  For many of us, this is an Ash Wednesday unlike any other that we have experienced.  Down here most Masses had to be cancelled due to frozen and treacherous roads. The Archbishop of San Antonio even exempted Catholics in his care from the requirements of fast and abstinence today, knowing that many were lacking water and electricity---a different form of fast and abstinence.  

Perhaps with so much that we always counted on stripped away---even if only temporarily--- we will find ourselves saying with greater sincerity, "Jesus, I trust in You."  




"How little known is My Father's love,
how little known is the immense pity of His Heart for sinners.
If souls but knew of My Father's love,
they would run to throw themselves at His feet
and He, being all love, would lift them up to be held fast in His embrace.  
Of those who profess to know My Father,
too many fear Him and keep themselves at a distance from Him,
while He, being all Father,
yearns with a divine longing  to have His children close to His Heart.
...Speak of My Father's meekness and of the gentleness of His strength.   
Only those who do not know My Father fear Him and fail to entrust themselves to Him."

                                                   From the First Sunday of Lent, 2011
In Sinu Jesu
When Heart Speaks to Heart
The Journal of a Priest at Prayer






Like so much else due to Covid restrictions, the Most Blessed Sacrament Chapel has been closed to the public since last  March. But beginning on Ash Wednesday (or when the Mission reopens) we would like to open it to the public during Lent. The Host will not be exposed, but individuals are welcome to pray before the Blessed Sacrament present in the Tabernacle. A visit to the Chapel could also be incorporated into A Walk with Jesus and Mary. The Chapel will be open Tue-Fri 9 AM - 4 PM. Sanitizing wipes will be available outside the Chapel and we just ask that people observe social distancing protocols. 


There was no public Mass this past Sunday.


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