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Jesus Is King


The Maine coast --After the Storm -- July 2020


Over all, over everything. 
All is subject to Him in Heaven, on Earth, and in the Abyss.
Trust totally in your King.

When a storm is brewing, one sees the clouds gather, the winds change.
Even the plants and animals react to these changes;
they sense what is about to be unleashed. 
What can be done during the storm? 
Nothing. Take refuge. Wait.

But then the storm abates, the tumult and noise cease, the winds calm, the rains stop.
There is stillness.
The clouds break open and the sun shines once again. 
The air has been purified, the vegetation washed, the whole earth cleansed.

When a wave begins, it has a cycle that must take place.
When the wave crashes, there is turmoil.
One must wait for the waters to settle again.

We are in the midst of the storm, in the middle of the crashing wave. 
The storm must run its course; the wave must swell, crest, crash down.
It must happen.

Jesus is King; He is aware of everything.
He is aware of all the machinations and attacks of the ancient serpent, the enemy of old.
He sees them and He will crush them at the appointed hour.



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Fr. John Mary's Sunday Homily

for Jan. 17, 2021

"Speak, Lord, Your Servant Is Listening."

The young Samuel discovers that the Lord wants to speak to him. God wants to speak to you, too. But we need to listen.  How?


OOPS!  Last week we provided the wrong link for the January 10 homily.  
The correct homily link is below.

Fr. John Mary's Sunday Homily

for Jan. 10, 2021

Our Victory Over the World

In His Baptism, Jesus begins His open battle against “the world” and it’s ruler, Satan.  As Christians we are in this battle also.  By faith in Jesus, we can be victorious.


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