Today, Friday, June 24th is the
Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Tomorrow, Saturday, June 25th is the
Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Mary's Immaculate Heart

Is a Refuge In an Increasingly

Contaminated World

 Her Immaculate Heart is Your Refuge....

"It is your refuge, which protects you from being contaminated by sin and impurity.  How impregnated with immorality and evil are the surroundings in which you live! Sin is committed and justified.  Disobedience to the Laws of God is extolled and publicized. The diabolical power of Satan spreads more and more over individuals and countries.  How are you to protect yourselves from this flood of misery, of corruption and of godlessness?
"My Immaculate Heart is your refuge. It is given to you precisely for these times of yours. Enter in, My dearly beloved children, and thus you will journey along the road which brings you to the God of salvation and peace."

June 11, 1994
The Marian Movement of Priests



Tomorrow !
9:30 AM, Saturday, June 25

The Secrets of La Salette


Br. Mikael will offer insights, based on the discoveries of Fr. Michel Corteville, into the secrets given by Our Blessed Mother to two young shepherd children in La Salette, France in 1846.  The apparitions received approval by the local bishop in 1851, but the secrets entrusted to the shepherds had ramifications within the Church that still reverberate today. 



There will be 11:30 Mass on Wednesday, June 29.

No Holy Hour or Confession on Thursday, June 30 as Community will be on the road. 

No Mass on Friday, July 1.


Our Friday Meditations will continue throughout July. You won't want to miss  next week's special, powerful testimony.


Just 'cause we're modest,
it don't mean we ain't cool!

Little Therese gives new meaning to "Mission chic." According to her mom, Therese believes "the more bling, the better." Love the flamingo!



Encounter With Jesus Retreats

Begin this Fall

September 8-11 – Women/English (Registration opens July 8)
October 6-9 - Women/Spanish 
December 8-11 – Men/English


January 26-29—Men/Spanish
February 9-12 – Women/English

March 9-12 -Women/Spanish

May 4-7 – Men/English


  • Registration will open on our website,  two months prior to each retreat.
  • Each person must register individually, not as a group, so that we have contact information.
  • We cannot reserve spaces in advance of the opening date for reservation.
  • Due to limited space, we will give priority to those who have not made an EWJ
  • Prior retreatants wishing to make another retreat should call 830-302-9707 to be placed on the waiting list.
  • For more information about the EWJ retreat, please go to our webpage: 

Mission to Close for the Entire Month of July

The Mission will be closed the entire month of July to provide our religious community with a sabbatical month in their 20th anniversary year. This means that there will be no public Masses at the Mission in July, instead of the usual two weeks. We are sorry for those who will be disappointed or inconvenienced by this, but the Community believes that this sabbatical month will provide a needed break  to fortify them for the long haul.

The Mission office will be open during regular office hours so that work projects may continue.  However, the Mission grounds will be closed so that Dave and his crew can proceed with special annual maintenance operations.



"This is what MDM is called to be: a growing communion of trust in His Mercy
for our needy world." ~ Fr. John Mary

MDM started encouraging people to pray "Jesus, I trust in You"  ten times a day back in 2011. Recently we felt it was important to remind people to turn to Jesus with this simple, powerful prayer in a world that feels more and more out of control. We are suggesting 20 times, but some people find themselves repeating it hundreds of times. It reminds our troubled souls that GOD IS IN CONTROL. 

Many of you have put your name on our growing list and have also left a prayer intention or testimony

  • The "peace beyond understanding" through trusting Jesus is real. ~Jill

Become another link in this growing Network of Trust by clicking on the button below.


A Gentle Reminder of Appropriate Dress for Mass

Please understand that the Mission is a MONASTERY, not a parish. It is our Community's HOME, and we warmly welcome all those who wish to join us for Mass.

But we ask you to please respect our request for appropriate attire when you attend Mass here. Out of respect for the Eucharist, and each other, we ask that you don't wear shorts; sleeveless tops;  or tight, revealing clothing that is cut up to here and down to there. And if you are bringing a friend or family member for the first time, it is a kindness to mention this in advance. 

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
We think Jesus appreciates it too. 


Fr. John Mary's Sunday Homily

June 19, 2022

Corpus Christi and
the Gift of Piety

How can we offer God the worship that He deserves?  What does this “old-fashioned” word piety really mean?  How does it relate to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?


Yes, You Can Help!

Front Row, L-R: Suzannah, Mother Magdalene, Sr. Amapola.
Back Row, L-R: Br. Mikael, Peter, Fr. John Mary, Raymundo, Br. Daniel.


Thank you for considering a donation in support of the Mission of Divine Mercy.  The Mission has no regular source of income, and we receive no diocesan funding.  Every bit of support comes from people like you; people whom God introduces to the Mission.  We try to steward your money wisely and make each dollar work hard for Him and for His people.

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