May Heaven grant special Graces to all Mothers...God knows you need them!

Each Time
Is A Victory

 Divine Mercy Sunday 2022


Do not give into fear. Fear is sterile. Fear is deadly to the soul.  When you feel it taking hold of you repeat “Jesus, I trust in You” until you feel His Peace replacing your fear.


Despite what you see and feel in yourself, despite your fears, misgivings, despondency.


Each time your heart turns to Jesus with trust, it is a victory, not just for yourself, but for all your brothers and sisters.  It is a victory for His Plan. You have a role in this Plan.


The Mission of Divine Mercy
May 6, 2022



"This is what MDM is called to be: a growing communion of trust in His Mercy for our needy world." ~ Fr. John Mary,  Advent Newsletter 2011

Many of you have put your name on our growing list and have also left a testimony:

Reciting “Jesus I trust in You,” and actually feeling the trust in my heart, prevents feelings of hopelessness over a personal situation. It is so comforting. ~Mary

I have been praying “Jesus I trust in You” for years and it has help on the road to becoming a saint. This is my goal to become a saint before I die. I do not want to go to purgatory. Therefore, I am going to try to amend for my sins here on earth. I can do this through this prayer. Love you Lord Jesus! ~Elroy

MDM started encouraging people to pray "Jesus, I trust in You"  ten times a day back in 2011. Recently we felt it was important to remind people to turn to Jesus with this simple, powerful prayer in a world that feels more and more out of control. It reminds our troubled souls that GOD IS IN CONTROL. 


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God Bless Our Volunteers!

We have many wonderful volunteers, without whom the Mission couldn't function as it does. Kathleen Stancik is one of them. She has been toiling faithfully since 2015 on the landscape at the Mission, particularly around the OCC.  Not only does she plant and weed, but she has raised many of the flowers, shrubs and young trees herself.  Thank you, Kathleen!!



The Mission is blessed with lots of young children at Mass on the weekends. Sometimes these children can get away from the watchful eyes of their parents. Of particular concern is when this happens on our roads or in the parking lot. Fr. John Mary has blessed the parking lot on several occasions, asking for the protection of the Angels in preventing any injuries there and elsewhere.  We ask everyone to please be very cautious, particularly when backing up, children can be difficult to see in the rear view mirror and can seem to appear out to nowhere! 



It's that time of year. Time for the windows in St. Joseph Chapel to come out to allow for more of our natural air conditioning. If all goes according to plan they will be out for this weekend's Masses. 


Fr. John Mary's Sunday Homily

May 1, 2022

"Simon, do you love Me?"

What would it be like if the Lord fixed His gaze on you and asked you this question?  Do you really love Jesus?



Yes, You Can Help!


Thank you for considering a donation in support of the Mission of Divine Mercy.  The Mission has no regular source of income, and we receive no diocesan funding.  Every bit of support comes from people like you; people whom God introduces to the Mission.  We try to steward your money wisely and make each dollar work hard for Him and for His people.

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