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Your Struggle for Purity
The Battered Canteen


The Struggle for Purity


We live in a world that is full of the filth of the enemy, 
who like a volcano in constant eruption, constantly spews his smoke, his stench and his filth.
And since we live in the world,  we suffer the ravages, the effects of this smoke.
We absorb the smoke without realizing it, without it being our fault.

 Living a pure, chaste life, in the state of life to which you are called,
becomes very difficult in a world that is so dirty.
You may strongly desire to present God with a clean physical vessel
so that when He gives His Living Water

it is not dirtied or profaned by being in contact with a dirty vessel,
and yet find it very difficult to maintain the purity of the body and of the senses.  

This struggle could be viewed as one of the hidden martyrdoms of our times.

You may see yourself as incapable of the purity that you wish to present to God.  
You see your falls, and they fill you with sadness.


Stop for a moment and consider that God might see things differently.
He KNOWS how difficult, almost impossible, it is to live this purity in these times.
And He sees your  EFFORT and your WILL.


In a battlefield the General does not expect to be brought clean, clear water
in a crystal cup without a single particle of dust.
The General receives water in the canteen that is battered, half dirty, 
with signs of the battle, and with the drops of blood that the soldier shed
in his effort to bring this water to the General.

Is it not the same with God?
He sees your love and desire to give Him refreshing water,
and He sees you adorned and made valorous by your arduous efforts.
He does not note the number of blows or falls
 that the canteen has endured in order to reach Him.


Make an effort. Avoid what you can.
Offer EVERYTHING to God.
Turn to Him in every battle.
If you fall, get up again, LOOKING AT GOD.
The Fire of His Love consumes everything.
Throw all temptations, all falls into this Fire.


Do we not admire the athlete who, even though he is hurt, continues the race?
Or the warrior, who despite receiving blow after blow, wound after wound,
gets up and continues fighting?
And gets up, and gets up?

Do the same.
But you need God in order to win this fight. 
You cannot do it alone.
Do not be  ashamed to turn to Him.
Give Him everything.

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St. Faustina: Prophet

A presentation on the prophetic aspects of St. Faustina's life and the impact of the messages of Divine Mercy.

This is the same talk that Br. Mikael offered last year.


Open to all, no registration required




 APRIL 1 - 3


This retreat is focused on Adoration of Jesus
in the Blessed Sacrament.

It is open only to those who have previously made an Encounter with Jesus retreat.
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It isn't too soon to start  thinking about and registering for this year's Triduum Retreat.  Participate in the profound services of Holy Week, beginning with the Mass of the Eucharist on Holy Thursday evening, then spend an hour with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  On Good Friday accompany Him on the  Walking Way of the Cross and Service of the Passion.  Spend Holy Saturday  morning consoling the Blessed Mother during the Rosary of the Sorrowful Mother.  And on Easter Sunday leave the darkness of the Tomb for the glory of the Resurrection at the Easter Vigil. 

All of these Holy Week services are open to the public.  Triduum retreatants are encouraged to enter into and live the Paschal Mystery in a more profound way while spending quiet time on the grounds of the Mission.

For more information and to register for the 2022 Triduum Retreat: 


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Sunday, March 6, 2022


What was that moment like?  How can it help us understand our temptations?


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