Combatting Anxiety:
The Sign of the Cross


When someone is ill,  nearing death, or in emotional or psychological turmoil,
the evil one is often there
trying to disturb what little peace the person can claim.
The person who is being disturbed may feel helpless in the face of the attack,

or unable to recognize the source of the disturbance.
There is something that you can do to help
that is simple and powerful:
The Sign of the Cross.

If the person is unable to do it for themselves,
then you can do it for them---frequently.

Use Holy Water or Blessed Oil if you have it.
And when you make the Sign of the Cross,
ask Jesus to place His Hand on yours,
so that He and you can bless the person together,
claiming that person as His own.
God willing, it will help them to feel more peaceful.

We can do the same thing for ourselves.
Imagine taking His Hand in your hand and placing it on your forehead,
over your heart and 
wherever you feel pain or anxiety.
Allow His Hand to caress you, strengthen you, 
and help you with all you do.

Jesus loves you. 
He is always there for you, whether you sense it or not.
He wants to bring you His Peace.




 Women´s Cor Jesu Retreat

We are sad to report that due to the severe weather this weekend
and out of precaution for the safety of all involved,

this retreat has been cancelled. There was a great response to this retreat which makes it more difficult to cancel.  We offer this disappointment to Our Lord and pray that He blesses the retreatants and their intentions.



Registration Open for 
Cor Jesu Retreat
for Men 

March 4-6, 2022

Cor Jesu retreats are focused on Adoration of Jesus
in the Blessed Sacrament.  
They are only open to those who have previously made
an Encounter With Jesus retreat.

You can find more information on our website.  


"Jesus, I trust in You"  20X


In a recent column entitled "When Satan Torments the Mind," Msgr. Stephen Rossetti provides a list of weapons with which to do battle against Satan. Among the weapons was this:
+Turn to Jesus- repeatedly. Regularly using short exclamatory prayers can help focus the mind on Jesus. Typical prayers are: "Jesus I trust in you" or "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me a sinner" or "Jesus, Mary" or another short holy prayer of your own choosing.


To see Msgr. Rossetti's entire column


In this, our 20th Anniversary Year, we invite our friends to say
"Jesus, I trust in You," 20 times a day. And push Satan away


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Sunday, Jan 30, 2022

The Greatest Gift

St. Paul encourages us to seek the greatest gift of God: Agape.


Our Sacramentals are located

in the Old Camp House,

 adjacent to the Shed.

Blessed Oil, Blessed Salt, Blessed Candles
and Holy Water

Each month Father blesses another allotment of Sacramentals for your use.


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