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This Is 
My Voice

My Voice is always one of comfort and of love,
producing peace in the soul--
even when My words are cutting,
even when they pierce the heart like the 
surgeon's scalpel.
Trust, then, in My words to you,
and close the ear of your imagination and heart to all else.
I am He who comforts you,
not the one who would assault you, accuse you,
condemn you and cast you out. 
I am the one who welcomes you with joy.
I am the Friend who takes delight
in the conversation of the friend whom He has chosen

and to whom He has bound Himself by a pledge of lasting friendship. 
Come to Me, then, without fear,
for with Me you always find a divine welcome,
a loving embrace, consoling conversation,
and the courage to continue in the way of life 
that I have traced out for you.

(Nov. 28, 2014)

In Sinu Jesu
When Heart Speaks to Heart
The Journal of a Priest at Prayer



Brown Scapular Investiture
Saturday, Aug. 7 after 8 AM Mass


The Mission offers a simple Rite of Investiture in the Brown Scapular on the First Saturday of each month after the 8 AM Mass.
Brown Scapulars are available in the Sacramental Shed.  

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Holy Souls
Memorial Brick


Over the years people have asked us for a way to memorialize their loved one out here at the Mission.  We asked God to show us an appropriate means and we believe that He inspired us with an approach that would allow people to not just acknowledge their loved ones and support the Mission, but help remind and encourage all visitors to the Mission of our sacred obligation to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

If you would like to learn more about purchasing a Memorial brick for someone you love and wish to remember in prayer, please use the link below:


Expenses Never Take A Vacation


Thank you for considering  a donation in support of the Mission of Divine Mercy. The Mission has no regular source of income, and we receive no diocesan funding.  Every bit of support comes from people like you; people whom God introduces to the Mission.  We try to steward your money wisely and make each dollar work hard for Him and for His people.

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