The World Is Looking for Fathers...


"The world is looking for fathers, and in My priests I have given souls the fathers whom they need.  There are false fathers who would abuse souls and lead them along, and exercise seduction and power over them. These are not the fathers whom I am sending into the world.  The fathers who I send to souls are men in My own Image and Likeness: humble, meek, self-sacrificing, tender and strong....

"It is through My priests--fathers in whom the tenderness and mercy of My own Father will be revealed to His children in this valley of tears-- that the world will be healed  of the sufferings inflicted upon it by the absence of true fathers.  Let My priests be fathers! Let them beg Me  for the grace of spiritual fatherhood, and I will give it to them in abundance.

"Such a man was St. Joseph. He was the living image of My Father, and he was chosen by My Father to be a father to Me in My sacred humanity. Let My priests go to St. Joseph. He will obtain for them this priceless gift of spiritual fatherhood, and he will guide them in the delicate and difficult work of being true fathers to souls. " 

Nov. 15, 2015
In Sinu Jesu
The Journal of a Priest at Prayer


...And We Have Found A Few


Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for the loving fathers with whom you have blessed us here on earth.  And thank you for the good priests who You call to stand in the role of  spiritual father.  We beg You this Fathers' Day---and every day--- to give them the graces which they need to meet their challenges and  to love with Your Heart.




There will be NO weekday or Saturday Masses,
and no Confessions in July.

 The Community will take their vacation and make family visits during July.  Dave Sommers and crew will use this time for certain jobs that can only be undertaken when the Mission isn't "operational."

However, the Mission grounds will still be open  for people who wish to visit, to pray,  and to get Sacramentals. 


Sunday, July 18
Sunday, July 25



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We are very sorry to say that 

Father did preach a homily, but there was a technical glitch.
Apparently it was a DEU (defective end user).

And that's too bad because you all will miss the story of the monkey trap.



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