June 11
Solemnity of the
Sacred Heart of Jesus

"The fire of My Heart is the Living Flame of Love, the Holy Spirit. Yield to that fire, and ask Me to enkindle it in you..."

 June 12
Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

"If you desire to receive the fire of My purifying and sanctifying love, live in the presence of My Immaculate Mother..."



"Look at My Merciful Heart."




During Holy Mass...I suddenly saw the Lord Jesus, who said to me with great kindness,


"My daughter, look at My Merciful Heart."

As I fixed my gaze on the Most Sacred Heart,

the same rays of light,
as are represented in the Image as blood and water,
came forth from it,

and I understood how great is the Lord's mercy.



 From the Diary of St. Faustina
Divine Mercy In My Soul



The Community will be making its annual retreat this coming week from Monday-Friday.  
For this reason there won't be the usual 11:30 AM Mass on Wednesday.

Saturday and Sunday Mass will be as usual.


This is What Each Priest Is Called to Live
Pray for Priests


"The holiness to which I call My priests...consists in a total configuration to Me as I stand before My Father in the heavenly sanctuary, beyond the veil.  Every priest of Mine is to be with Me both priest and victim in the presence of My Father. Every priest is called to stand before the altar with pierced hands and feet, with his side wounded, and with his head crowned as My head was crowned in My Passion. You need not fear this configuration to Me; it will bring you only peace of heart, joy in the presence of My Father, and that unique intimacy with Me that I have, from the night before I suffered, reserved for My priests, My chosen ones, the friends of My Heart."

May 29, 2008
Vigil of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart
In Sinu Jesu
The Journal of a Priest at Prayer




Once again, the Mission will close in July to allow for the Community's vacation time and family visits. This is also known as the annual opportunity for the staff to get the "other jobs" done.There will be no weekday or Saturday Masses, and no Confessions in July.


Sunday, July 18
Sunday, July 25



Fr. John Mary's Homily from Sunday, June 6

The Blood of the New Covenant

What is a Covenant?  Why is it so important to God?  Why is it so important to your life?


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