This Sunday, May 30
Solemnity of the Holy Trinity

Mass will be in St. Joseph Chapel at 9 AM



Who God Is


Last Sunday, the beautiful smile on Loretta's face, as she handed out Mass booklets for the first time in over a year, seemed to reflect the the feelings of the entire congregation. Most heartening was permission to once again receive Holy Communion on the tongue.


On one occasion I was reflecting on the Holy Trinity, on the essence of God.
I absolutely wanted to know and fathom who God is.

…..In an instant my spirit was caught up into what seemed to be the next world.

I saw an inaccessible Light, and in this Light

what appeared like Three Sources of Light which I could not understand.
And out of that Light came words in the form of lightning 
which encircled heaven and earth.

Not understanding anything, I was very sad.

Suddenly, from this sea of inaccessible Light came our dearly beloved Savior,

unutterably beautiful with His shining Wounds.
And from this Light came a Voice which said,

"Who God is in His Essence, no one will fathom,

neither the mind of Angels nor of man."

Jesus said to me,
"Get to know God by contemplating His attributes."

A moment later, He traced the sign of the cross with His hand and vanished.


                                                                                                                       From the Diary of St. Faustina
Divine Mercy In My Soul




The Mission offices, along with the Mission property,
will be closed this Monday, May 31, in honor of Memorial Day.


Yes, It Is Great to
See Smiles Again!!

People are happy that Fr. John Mary can once more offer special blessings after Mass to groups and individuals.

Patrick offers a smile, a wave and a Rosary before Mass.

Mark looks up from his computer to share a grin.

Susan gets carried away with applying labels to everything in the Sacramental Shed--- including Bill.   



We invited you to purchase a t-shirt, and you did.  And we sold out.  Thank you!  Admittedly, it was a small first order, but we will be arranging for another larger order and will let you know as soon as more t-shirts are available.


Fr. John Mary's Homily from Sunday, May 23


Our situation today, including in the Church, can seem very far from the graces of Pentecost.  It may seem more like the Cross.  And yet there is a mysterious relation between the Cross and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.


Yes, You Can Help!


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