This Sunday, May 23
Feast of Pentecost

Mass will be in St. Joseph Chapel at 9 AM



The Holy Spirit
Is A Person



Pentecost Sunday 1938 --
After Holy Communion, the infinite love of God swept over me.
My soul was in communion with the Holy Spirit,
who is the same Lord as the Father and the Son. 

                                                                                                                      From the Diary of St. Faustina

Pause for a moment to meditate on something very simple, yet  very profound:
Not a bird, or a flame, but a Person who wishes you to come to know and love Him.
Who wants to spend time with you.  Speaking with you.
Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into the depths of believing His Words,
His Promises and His Love. (58)


As you draw closer to the Holy Spirit, to the embrace of the Trinity,
you are drawn closer to the essence, the reason,
the origin of all the Holy Spirit does and is: LOVE.  
LOVE and the desire for an everlasting union with you.  
And when life is difficult, even frightening, you must hold on, and be firmly rooted in His love, without a shadow of a doubt that His love for you is real and true
--- this allows Him to work His marvels in and through you for the salvation of all.  
Do not be afraid. Go to Him simply, and He will help you. (59)

From the Messages of Faith & Trust 
Mission of Divine Mercy






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